Erwin Lustig art

"My art represents the beauty of nature, which I hope we still have in the future.”

About me

Hello, I’m Erwin Lustig, a contemporary artist from Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I create surrealistic artworks inspired by the beauty and vulnerability of nature. I do this by blending photography with photo editing, 3D modeling, and digital drawing, all without the intervention of AI.


Commissioned work

Looking for exclusive art, of which there’s only one piece in the world? And that has your ideas incorporated? That’s possible! We’ll sit down together to discuss your wishes and from there, we’ll work towards an exclusive artwork.

Interested, or want to know more about how this works? Feel free to send me a message.

Donation to charity

With my work, I aim to make the world we live in an even more beautiful place. The artworks represent a colorful and healthy living environment for both humans and animals. That’s why, with each artwork sold, I donate to #Teamtrees, allowing them to plant 20 trees. See below how many trees have already been planted:



All my artworks start with an idea. I draw inspiration from everything around me, and I combine it with my own imagination. The foundation of an artwork is always a story I want to tell. To develop an idea thoroughly, I conduct extensive research to gather as much information as possible about the subject at hand. Then, I flesh out my ideas into multiple concepts, which can be digital drawings or compositions of visual material I intend to use. Based on these concepts, I create one final concept with the ultimate composition, which I then develop into the final artwork.

No! I never use A.I. The tools I use are a mix of Photography, Photo editing (Photoshop), digital drawing and 3D.

I mainly support the charities #TeamTrees, #WWF, and #TheOceanCleanup. If you’re interested in purchasing a piece and have another charity in mind that aligns with my vision, it’s always open for discussion to make a one-time switch.

It’s important to me that my art looks great when printed and that you can enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, I’ve carefully selected the printing company I collaborate with. My art consists of the following high-quality materials:


  • Canson Infinity Archival Pigmentprint on FineArt 


Diasec Glass (2 choices):

  • High gloss (Normal Glass)
  • Museum Glass (TruLife)


  • Handmade frame, made of walnut wood (color can be discussed)

Absolutely! When you purchase an artwork, I’m happy to assist in finding the right spot to hang it, determining the frame color that best suits, and selecting the type of glass that will showcase the artwork most beautifully. Through digital photos, we can collectively determine where the artwork is displayed best.

Yes, my works are delivered worldwide. If you have any questions about this, such as regarding costs and timing, please don’t hesitate to send a message for more information.